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Welcome to the NetLounge

The NetLounge is where like minded business people gather to discuss business, strengthen relationships and relax after a productive day at the office. The NetLounge is not a singular location, but a moving business gathering.  Founder, John Van Deusen, attributes his high success rate to his ability to connect with people on a personal level and sustain long lasting business relationships.  He considers himself a “connector of people,” and has been bringing associates and business professionals together through networking events and meetings for over a decade.  John hosts several annual events such as dinners, whiskey and wine tastings, as well as a monthly cigar mixer. Someone once said, “John, you do a lot of great events, I would consider you more of a ‘NetLounger’ than a networker,” and so the term “NetLounge” was born.


“I’ve been blessed with the ability to do something that I truly love, while working with great people and still manage to have fun while I’m doing it.” – John Van Deusen